bainThe issue of steroid use or “juicing” among amateur and professional athletes – as well as non athletes – continues to move to the forefront as a social problem with potentially serious emotional, physical, psychological and legal consequences. A multitude of initiatives driven by independent non-profit organizations, national health associations, government agencies and private businesses are attacking the issue in the media and on the playing field.

Juice Free Athletics, Inc. supports the fight against steroid abuse through its clothing line and through its involvement with the Taylor Hooton Foundation.

All of the Juice Free Athletics apparel has the message of “Juice Free” on the clothing. When people see the clothing it keeps the awareness of the issue alive.

Juice Free Athletics offers fantastic discounts on the athletic apparel to any educational institution, which benefits the schools in two ways. One, if they are purchasing the clothing to give them to the student athletes, they are buying them at a great price. Two, the school could resell the clothing at the retail price & use the clothing as a fund raiser for their individual school.

Juice Free Athletics apparel consists of: tee shirts, shooter shirts, tank tops, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc. Clothing can be custom ordered for the individual schools. The clothing can be seen at www.juicefreeathletics.com Also available on the website are Juice Free Athletics wristbands. All the profits from the wristbands are being donated to the Taylor Hooton Foundation  .

Juice Free Athletics, Inc. was founded in April of 2004. The two main goals of Juice Free Athletics was to keep the awareness of steroid abuse alive and to educate the athletes, students, parents, coaches and trainers through educational seminars
Juice Free Athletics with its involvement with the Taylor Hooton Foundation will bring educational seminars to any schools open to the topic of steroids.

Playing sports most of my life, I’ve always enjoyed competing. I’ve learned along time ago, the saying of “its not whether you win or lose its how you played the game” holds a lot of truth. I have never been able to figure out how someone can get satisfaction from a winning performance when he or she was “juicing”.

I hope all the pure athletes & fans that believe and share our vision will help support us.

Thank you,
Eugene “Pete” Bain
President Juice Free Athletics, Inc.